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cryptocurrency traders south africa The man behind the music... Intimate conversations with Robert Fripp produced by Patricia Fripp... the Sister

For the first time ever... experience the private side of Robert Fripp. Hear him be funny, profound, poignant and up-close-and-personal.

  • Jimi Hendrix hearing King Crimson in 1969. Hear Clip
  • Hear him tease bearded, bespectacled, earnest young men. Hear Clip
  • Find out how the music business really is. Hear Clip
  • Hear what he says about Fripp the Sister. Hear Clip
  • Robert locked out of his hotel room without his trousers.
  • The indignities of being a working musician.
  • His favorite sounds when at home.
  • How his bunny runs his household.
  • How Fripp relates to his critics... good and bad.
  • How a lunch time performance was 8 hours.
  • What Robert likes to read.
  • The most heavenly place to perform.
  • How art enhances our lives. buy Netflix shares
  • Why Robert will run away from you before a concert.
  • Robert's real life work.
  • The crafty guitarists and Guitar Craft.
  • Fripp does not play music for the money.
  • Elton John on Oprah.
  • Why it's good to look like a mushroom.
  • Who had legs that snapped like whipcords.
  • Bill Bruford and his 30th anniversary in the business.
  • Who earned royalties for silence.
  • Why it is unlikely Robert will write a movie score.
  • When it is OK to heckle.
  • The workings and mission of Discipline Global Mobile Record Company.
  • What Fripp reads in Starbucks.
  • And much, much, more about history, music, King Crimson, Soundscapes, his life's insights.

Robert Fripp Unplugged PosterThis collection of unique, impromptu talks took place in December 1997 and continued in the Spring and Fall of 1998 after Soundscapes performances. Why did he do this? Fripp...the Sister, the initiator and producer of this unique series truly believes it is because she told him to talk to his fans!!! Patricia, an award-winning speaker and author was at the first talk in Alexandria, VA in December 1997. They celebrated an early holiday vacation together before his tour. When Fripp the Sister discovered Brother had recorded these classic gems she took it upon herself to produce and package them for the Fripp enthusiasts. Now, for the first time, get a glimpse of the man behind the music.

buy Binance Coin The Robert Fripp Unplugged series includes 6 CDs or 10 tapes of Robert Fripp. Now, it is also available as 21 downloadable MP3 files. Produced by Patricia Fripp, an internationally-acclaimed professional speaker and presentation and speaking skills coach. Robert talks just to you for 6 hours+ of his favorite Soundscapes.

As fans of Robert know he rarely gives autographs. However, never under estimate the power of a sister!!! As long as supplies last, included in the price of the audio tapes or CDs is a personally autographed MINI ROBERT FRIPP UNPLUGGED POSTER.

CD Set - $115.00

Digital Download - 21 MP3 Audio Files - $85.00

(International shipping and handling will be quoted at actual cost - usually $13.00 - $20.00.)

Audio Samples from Robert Fripp Unplugged:

  • On Jimi Hendrix hearing King Crimson in 1969. Hear Clip
  • Find out how the music business really is. Hear Clip
  • Hear him tease bearded, bespectacled, earnest young men. Where does music come from? What is silence? Hear Clip
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When Patricia Fripp - "The Sister" - is not promoting her brother... she is building leaders, transforming sales teams and working as a speech coach to executives. offers great articles which you can reprint or repost in your company's newsletter or ezine.

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